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CC Banned Items 1.7.10:

Illuminati Pet : Inventory Pets
April Fools Pet : Inventory Pets
Anvil Pet : Inventory Pets (Could be removed in the future)
Chest Pet : Inventory Pets
Ender Chest Pet : Inventory Pets
Sponge Pet : Inventory Pets
Double Chest Pet : Inventory Pets
Cloud Pet : Inventory Pets
Loot Pet : Inventory Pets
Banana Pet : Inventory Pets
Bed Pet : Inventory Pets
Weather Controller : Draco Evo
Cursor : Open Blocks
Luggage : Open Blocks
All Rubber Saplings (That Are Bigger Than Normal) : MineFactory Reloaded
Ender Thermic Pump : Extra Utilities
All Fire Stones
Vacuum Chest : Ender IO
All Block Breakers
All Block Placer
All Imbued Fires : Thaumic Tinkerer
All Drawbridges : Tinkers' Mechworks
Horn of the Wild : Witchery
Earth Former : Blood Magic
SPAMR Launcher : MineFactory Reloaded
Arcane Bore Base : Thaumcraft
Bottled Taint : Thaumcraft
Matter Cannon : AE2
ME Formation Plane : AE2
Bound Pickaxe : Blood Magic
Bound Axe : Blood Magic
Hungry Chest : Thaumcraft
Both Extra Utilities Filters
Cyclic Assembler : Thermal Expansion
All Machinist's Workbenches : Thermal Expansion
Magnetic Force : Random Things
Chance Cubes : Chance Cubes
BattleWrench : Redstone Arsenal
Crescent Hammer : Thermal Expansion
Yeta Wrench : Ender IO
Both Explosive Slimes : Tinkers
Florb : Thermal Expansion
Imperfect Ritual Stone : Blood Magic
Cloud In A Bottle : Chisel
Ice Bomb : Twilight
Sun Dial : Draco Evo
Devnull : Open Blocks
Market : Harvest Craft
Last Millennium Portal : Extra Utilities
Hand Bow : Witchery
Item Collector : Random Things
Advanced Item Collector : Random Things
Timer : Blue Power
Demon Portal : Blood Magic
Big Button : Open Blocks
Buster Magazine : Reliquary
Buster Shot : Reliquary
Plastic Tank : MineFactory Reloaded
Quarry : Buildcraft
Temple Caller : Hardcore Ender Expansion
Poppet Shelf : Witchery
Mystic Branch : Witchery
Spellbinding Cloth : Thaumic Tinkerer
Tome of Alkahestry : Reliquary
Wool Card : Blue Power
Terrain Smasher : Thermal Expansion
Dislocation Focus : Thaumic Tinkerer
All Caches : Thermal Expansion
Block Breaker : OpenBlocks
Block Placer : OpenBlocks
Both Void Tears : Reliquary
Trickster Dagger : Chocolate Quest
Both Void Tears : Reliquary
Builder : BC Builders [TEMPORARY]

More to possibly be banned and some items may not be on this list that is banned. Items that are and are not on the list and disappear from your inventory are not to be reimbursed.
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