[CLOSED] Elaine_Archer's Staff Application


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General Information:
  • Minecraft username: diamondnife
  • Discord username & #: DIO (Blacklisted on 8 Continents#3473)
  • Age (must be 16+):16
  • Timezone: Central Standard Time, or Central Daylight Time during Daylight Savings Time.
  • List the server(s) and/or network(s) you mainly play on RupticMC: Augmented Triad(AT) and Crundee Craft(CC).
  • Have 48+ hours of playtime (or have rank Experienced)?:I have 7 days and 16 Hours according to the Minecraft Statistics tab.
  • Have OBS (or other recording software)?: I have OBS, as well as the ability to record my screen with the Windows Game Bar.
More Information:
  • How active are you on Discord and do you have the app installed onto your computer and phone?: I am very active on Discord. It is always running in the background, online, as well as having notifications for my computer as well as my phone.
  • Have you ever been banned from a server? If so, why?: I have not been banned on any Minecraft server.
  • Why do you want to become a Helper for RupticMC?: I want to be a helper for RupticMC because I want to help the player base in any way possible. Whenever I find game breaking bugs or glitches I would like to try to fix or prevent them in any way possible. As a standard player on the server, I have very little control over fixing these, and have to wait for staff to come online in order to fix these issues. Keeping the player base happy and working together, not worrying about them crashing or breaking the game/server because of something that could be prevented. I am a very selfless person, who when someone needs help, I try to assist them in as many ways as possible. If I do not know how to help them, I take to the internet to see if someone else can help me with helping them.
  • Do you have any past server moderation experience?: I have no past server moderation experience, unless private servers and Pocket Edition servers count.
  • How often are you able to be on the server a week?: Unless I am on vacation, which is unlikely to happen, I am able to be on the server any day of the week, if need be.
  • If you made a mistake, what did you do to fix it? (personal story, don't give out personal info):If I made a mistake, I would first understand the mistake I made. I would them apologize for my actions, try to fix or undo the disaster I made, and then try to find a solution or compromise that would benefit whoever's work or task I hindered.
  • What is your main goal of being a staff member for RupticMC?:My main goal of being a staff member on RupticMC is to help others on the server and keep the server running regularly without the impedance of bugs, glitches or hacks. I wish to help all players, be they new players or seasoned veterans, with their adventures and tales of awesomeness on the server.
  • What is your experience with plugins? Please list the plugins you are most familiar with:I am familiar with Essentials, Griefprevention(+), Chestshop, Autorank,and World Edit. I also know how to code in Python, HTML, and Java.
  • How would you benefit RupticMC?: I would benefit RupticMC in many ways. People could come to me for questions with Mods or commands. They could come to me asking for help with building or advice. I could report bugs and glitches and how to fix them, or if the cause is unknown, I could try to find the cause and then fix them. I could warn or mute spammers or advertisers, and I could tempban or permanent ban hackers or players abusing exploits.
Multiple Choice: (highlight or indent the letter you chose)

1. If someone was spamming server IPs in the chat (first time doing so), what do you do?
A. Permanently ban the user
B. Mute the user for 2 months
C. Mute the user for nearly a couple hours
D. Leave the server

2. If you had Owner rank & access to the console & files for example, and the server was crashing, what do you do? (Pick the correct order)
A. 1. Turn whitelist on 2. Check crash report 3. Fix the crash
B. 1. Fix the crash 2. Turn whitelist on 3. Check crash report
C. 1. Check crash report 2. Fix the crash 3. Turn whitelist on

3. If a player was claimed to be hacking, what do you do?

A. Ban them immediately
B. Watch them in /v (vanish)
C. Ask them if they are hacking
D. Tell the regular users on the server that that specific user is hacking

  • Anything else we need to know?: I try to help players on the server, even without a staff rank, in hopes that they remember that they aren't alone in their quest. Others are there to assist and help with the journey. Being part of staff would allow me to help in more ways than just answers to question or items that they need. I could help with game or server side issues they could have, like chunk errors or items glitching. I could help the people, and by doing that, I can indirectly help the server, one thing at a time. Even if it's a wooden sword, they have to remember, it's dangerous to go alone.
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Elaine has proven themselves to be both responsible and trustworthy on other servers, and their application checks out. Looks good to me.