[CLOSED] Blackops362's ban appeal

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    The Server The Offense Happened On (Ex: "AT", "Discord", "Website", etc):

    In Game Name -AND/OR- Discord Username:

    Date & Time Of The Ban:
    July 28

    Why Were You Banned?: DUPE

    Why Do You Think You Should Be Unbanned?:

    Before firefox got banned I had never duped on any server, never even thought about it. It made me realize how big of a challenge it really was to dupe and get away with it, that and not only you have infinite of whatever you want. Ruptic, I promise you I didn't use strongboxes to dupe if you want to know how I did it message me. I have been doing it for several weeks now, inflating the economy spending like I have infinite money. I think when I started duping the economy had around 24 million. Today when I got banned I believe it was around 36 million. I'm willing to tell you everything Ruptic, it's not as simple as you believe. I spent countless hours searching for a method that actually works. It has been awhile since I have completed AT, the fact that it could get me permabanned was what made it so fun to me. I got away with it for while, and I do look back with regret but the damage has been done. Anything you have purchased from me within a 3 week time frame is only safe to assume it has been duped. A small mistake lead to my demise. Your staff team is not active enough and you guys aren't in /vanish enough. I'm sure Ent was just looking for that stick when he found that stash. I think I forgot to delete my home there, easy find. All I have to say is you haven't found anything yet. I don't expect you to unban me, but if you do I'll tell you everything to the last detail. It could very well help you prevent this from happening in the future. Also, if I am unbanned I will never dupe again.

    It was fun playing with you guys
    - Blackops362
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    Your ban appeal has been denied.

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