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    AT Banned Items 1.7.10:

    Item Filter : Extra Utilities, Open Blocks
    Pointer : Open Blocks
    Item Cannon : Open Blocks
    Chunk Loader : MineFactory Reloaded
    ALL Anchors : Railcraft
    Carpenter's Safe : Carpenter's Blocks
    Poppet Shelf : Witchery
    Brew of Endless Water : Witchery
    Brew of Infection : Witchery
    Brew of Wasting : Witchery
    Brew of Hollow Tears : Witchery
    Brew of Cursed Leaping : Witchery
    Brew of Ink : Witchery
    Brew of Sprouting : Witchery
    Brew of Throns : Witchery
    Brew of Webs : Witchery
    Brew of Frogs Tongue : Witchery
    Brew of Frost : Witchery
    Brew of Raising : Witchery
    Brew of Erosion : Witchery
    ME Liquid Formation Plane : Extra Cells 2
    ME Liquid Annihilation Plane : Extra Cells 2
    Tiny TNT : Applied Energistics 2
    Market : Pam's HarvestCraft
    Nuke : Idustrial Craft 2
    Industrial TNT : Industrial Craft 2
    Normal Shot : Reliquary
    Nova Catalyst : Project E
    Nova Cataclysm : Project E
    Hyperkinetic Lens : Project E
    Catalytic Lens : Project E
    Blood TNT : Blood Arsenal
    Flamethrower : Mekanism
    Plasma Launcher : IC2
    Needlegun Ammo (Anvil) : MineFactory Reloaded
    Lightning Sigil : Blood Arsenal
    Unbound Crystal : Blood Magic
    Quarry : Ancient Warfare Automation
    Gem Chestplate : ProjectE
    Weather Controller : Draco Evo
    Cursor : Open Blocks
    Luggage : Open Blocks
    All Rubber Saplings (That Are Bigger Than Normal) : MineFactory Reloaded
    Ender Thermic Pump : Extra Utilities
    All Fire Stones
    Vacuum Chest : Ender IO
    All Block Breakers
    All Block Placer
    All Imbued Fires : Thaumic Tinkerer
    All Drawbridges : Tinkers' Mechworks
    Horn of the Wild : Witchery
    Mystic Branch : Witchery
    Earth Former : Blood Magic
    SPAMR Launcher : MineFactory Reloaded
    Arcane Bore Base : Thaumcraft
    Bottled Taint : Thaumcraft
    Matter Cannon : AE2
    ME Formation Plane : AE2
    Bound Pickaxe : Blood Magic
    Bound Axe : Blood Magic
    Both Extra Utilities Filters
    Cyclic Assembler : Thermal Expansion
    All Machinist's Workbenches : Thermal Expansion
    Magnetic Force : Random Things
    Chance Cubes : Chance Cubes
    BattleWrench : Redstone Arsenal
    Crescent Hammer : Thermal Expansion
    Yeta Wrench : Ender IO
    Both Explosive Slimes : Tinkers
    Florb : Thermal Expansion
    Imperfect Ritual Stone : Blood Magic
    Cloud In A Bottle : Chisel
    Ice Bomb : Twilight
    Sun Dial : Draco Evo
    Devnull : Open Blocks
    Last Millennium Portal : Extra Utilities
    Hand Bow : Witchery
    Advanced Item Collector : Random Things
    Timer : Blue Power
    Demon Portal : Blood Magic
    Big Button : Open Blocks
    Buster Magazine : Reliquary
    Buster Shot : Reliquary
    Plastic Tank : MineFactory Reloaded
    Cart Dispenser : Railcraft
    Dimension Editor : RFTools
    Dimension Builder : RFTools
    Dimension Enscriber : RFTools
    Dimension Monitor : RFTools
    Builder Block : RFTools
    Item Loader : Railcraft
    Item Unloader : Railcraft
    Adv. Item Loader : Railcraft
    Adv. Item Unloader : Railcraft
    Alchemite : Thaumic Horizons
    Dark Matter Pedestal : ProjectE
    Watch of Flowing Time : ProjectE
    Quarry : Buildcraft
    Soul Chunk Claimer : Sanguimancy
    Temple Caller : Hardcore Ender Expansion
    All Backpacks : Iron Backpacks
    tEMPorAl mULtI-tOoL : Clockwork Phase
    Gravitational Anomaly : Matter Overdrive (You are still able to use them just not place them back down).
    Chunk Loader Upgrade : Open Computers
    Teru Teru Bozu : Botania
    Shard of Laputa : Botania
    Imperfect Ritual Stone : Blood Magic
    Poppet Shelf : Witchery
    Ender Collector : Extra Utilities
    Life Infuser : Blood Arsenal
    Spellbinding Cloth : Thaumic Tinkerer
    ME Pattern Terminal : AE2
    Tome of Alkahestry : Reliquary
    Instability Orb : Hardcore Ender Expansion
    Advanced Player Detector : Draconic Evolution
    Online Detector : Random Things

    More to possibly be banned and some items may not be on this list that is banned. Items that are and are not on the list and disappear from your inventory are not to be reimbursed.
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