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    • Minecraft username:Steel_Toe_Boots
    • Discord username & #:Ocelot #6383
    • Age (must be 16+):21
    • Timezone:CST
    • List the server(s) and/or network(s) you mainly play on RupticMC:The golden Cobblestone when iw was still up, CrundeeCraft and every so often Augmented Triad.
    • Have 48+ hours of playtime (or have rank Experienced)?:Veteran rank:TITAN Rank
    • Have OBS (or other recording software)?: Yes: SteelToeBoots21 (Twitch)
    More Information:
    • How active are you on Discord and do you have the app installed onto your computer and phone?:generally able to answer back on discord within 10 minutes of being notified unless life prevents so.
    • Have you ever been banned from a server? If so, why?:No, I keep a clean record on anything I play on, not just Minecraft.
    • Why do you want to become a Helper for RupticMC?: I was a Mod before and I would like to join back since i loved the crew and the only reason i left was stress of life, work and helping the server all at the same time.
    • Do you have any past server moderation experience?: Yes, I was Mod before I left the first time.
    • How often are you able to be on the server a week?: Daily, I tend to play at night when i have nothing else going on.
    • If you made a mistake, what did you do to fix it? (personal story, don't give out personal info): Not sure I understand the question exactly but I would stop whatever I was working on and get the issue resolved before the problem escalated further.
    • What is your main goal of being a staff member for RupticMC?: Get back in and help the staff keep my favorite server running as smothly as possible.
    • What is your experience with plugins? Please list the plugins you are most familiar with: Im familiar with serveral pluggins and the ones im not aquainted with I can generaly look up info in and learn them quickly. (unfortunately im not that great with reading crash logs but i can learn quick)
    • How would you benefit RupticMC?: Im almost always available to help players in need to whatever their issue is, i always have my DM's open for questions from anyone, Im super nice to everyone, Im trustworthy with any commands given to me (I hate to use my OP on other players unless required)
    Multiple Choice: (highlight or indent the letter you chose)

    1. If someone was spamming server IPs in the chat (first time doing so), what do you do?
    A. Permanently ban the user
    B. Mute the user for 2 months
    C. Mute the user for nearly a couple hours
    D. Leave the server
    E. Warn the player of the issue they are causing and warn them of the consequence of continuing

    2. If you had Owner rank & access to the console & files for example, and the server was crashing, what do you do? (Pick the correct order)
    A. 1. Turn whitelist on 2. Check crash report 3. Fix the crash
    B. 1. Fix the crash 2. Turn whitelist on 3. Check crash report
    C. 1. Check crash report 2. Fix the crash 3. Turn whitelist on

    3. If a player was claimed to be hacking, what do you do?
    A. Ban them immediately
    B. Watch them in /v (vanish)
    C. Ask them if they are hacking
    D. Tell the regular users on the server that that specific user is hacking

    • Anything else we need to know?:
    • Im well know on the server and I have no issue jumping on real quick to fix any issues I can. I do stream so i may not always have certain commands enabled as to prevent things from jumping out in my stream.
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    You have been accepted!

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