We will be performing a reset on the Augmented Triad server this weekend starting between the 25th and the 26th. We will also be making many other changes over time:

Augmented Triad Fixes/Changes/Additions:
All Crate Changes [During AT reset]
Better Shop Items [During AT reset & over time]
RFTools Added [During AT reset]
Progression in ProjectE [During AT reset]

Both Servers Fixes/Changes/Additions:
Buffs to Vote Crate [During AT Reset]
Fixed /sethomes for ranks Newbie through Veteran [During AT reset]
Developer and Builder Ranks [During AT reset]
Rank Colors (most) [During AT reset]
More Crates [Unsure when]
Linked play time accumulation on both servers. [Unsure when]
linked server ranks (would link to all future servers) [Unsure when]
More abilities/rewards to Trusted through Veteran ranks [Unsure when]

General Additions:
Hub Server [During AT reset]
Staff Applications [Unsure when this will be added to the website]

This is our new and redesigned website! We will be adding things slowly but surely. Please be patient with all the ban lists and other info! Thank you!