Rules: This applies to Servers, Discord, and the Website.

Respecting others:
1. Respect all players and staff no matter what!
2. If a staff member is being cursed at or seriously being disrespected by other players, they have full right to "talk back"
(if necessary) and can escalate the situation with a long mute or certain ban.

Whats NOT Allowed In Chat, Forums, etc:
1.Topics about politics (To a certain point, not whole discussion in public chat), race, oppressive, cursing, and/or sexual topics in chat! (conversations about hurting each other is fine if its for fun and fine with both people, just don't go too far).
2. Can post links in Discord if its appropriate. You cannot link other servers, pornography websites, etc.
Note: In Discord, you can post links that helps others such as a wiki or the RupticMC website but cannot relate to other servers and etc.
3. No Spamming
4. Do NOT insult/bully anyone (Having fun with each other is fine but don't go too far).
5. Respect EVERYONE!
Note: If told to keep discussions private, please DM the person you were having a discussing with instead of having it in public chat.
6. Do NOT mention in ANY way yours or anyone else's server!
7. Any language other than English is not allowed (saying "nein", "hola", and "como estas" is fine).

1. Griefing in ANY sort of manner will not be tolerated and may be dealt with an immediate ban!
2. No RAIDING/Stealing (this includes XP, armor on armor stands and etc.)

Duplicating Items:
1. Duplicating Items in ANY sort of manner will not be tolerated and may be dealt with an immediate ban!

PvP Rules:
1. No PvP'ing in the Overworld, End, Nether, and Twilight Forest (if world is not disabled).
2. Do not bypass the rule above either!
3. PvP'ing in any other world are allowed unless stated. Do not steal the other players loot unless both of the
players that are PvP'ing accept to get the others loot on their circumstances.

AFK Rules:
1. No using "AFK Machines" (bypass being kicked).
Note: Caught bypassing, you will be deranked to Newbie.

Player Shops
1. Only up to 1 player to share the player shop with.
2. Do NOT live in your player shop. (Means that you can only have a shop, nothing else).
3. Do NOT add any blocks that will interfere with other plots such as beams and particle effects.
1. Sell any items at any price.
2. Build as high or as low as you want.
3. Be as creative as you want. (No Insult signs, swastikas, and etc).
4. You can "sell" power in the player shops.
5. Up to 4 Particle Generators and/or Beacons in one plot..
6. If a player has not been on for over 30 days, the shop will be removed (items broken down from the shop
may or may not be given back to the shop owner).

1. Only allowed if you know your FRIEND will be okay with it. Do NOT do it to anyone else!

Grave Yards
1. If you have found a grave yard, do NOT break it and take the loot! You are allowed to take the loot if the player has not been on for 32 days after trying to contact the owner
of that grave yard in any way you can.

Grief Prevention Claims (Golden Shovel Claims)
1. Do NOT bypass any claims!
2. Do NOT take items of other players even if you are trusted if the player doesnt want you to!
If they allow you to do so, do not take so many items to where it can be considered grief! (no stealing!)
3. If there is no claim around the area, do NOT take the items and/or destroy the base, even if its 1 piece of dirt!
4. If a player of a claim that hasnt been there, message them in any way you can, if there is no answer/message back after 30-62 days, you have
the right to take the items.

Witchery Rules:
1. Do NOT do ANYTHING to others that would annoy them, hurt them, and/or etc.
Note: If you want to, ask their permission before doing so, if they yes, go ahead.

Machines and Cables:
1. Do NOT place down 20+ of the same machine in one place. (AE2 Controllers and Drives are fine).
2. Only have at most 64 upgrades in your transfer nodes!
3. You can only have 6 Alchemical Chests In your EMC farm! (You cannot have multiple farms).

Flim Flam Enchant:
1. If you some how get the Flim Flam enchant and some how use it on others
even if its an accident, you will be punished.

Multiblock Structures:
1. Try your best to have a multiblock structure in 1 single chunk, not needed but I suggest doing so
to make everyone's experience better.

1. Only have 3 spawners in a radius of 10 chunks!

1. You can only give raw materials to other players.
2. NO uncrafting the items for raw materials to give to other players!
3. Infusion Stones are not to be given to others.
4. Nether stars are allowed to be given to others (for now).

Discord Music (if applicable):
1. Keep !music commands in music text channel!

Breaking these rules can cause us to mute you, kick you, and/or ban you for however long depending on the severity of the situation.
Can be 1-3 warnings, 1 hour mute, 24 hour mute, 1 week mute, 1-3 day ban, 7 day ban, 10 day ban, 14 day ban, 30 day ban, 2 month ban, and/or permanent ban.
You are not given 3 "chances" anymore, what is stated for a punishment is what is set and will not be changed unless stated otherwise.
Staff has the final say (to an extent) to any circumstance.
Remember that this effects on all 3: Servers, Website, and the Discord.

Rules, decisions, and etc can change at ANY time without notice.

Thank You and Have Fun!